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For anyone with technical expertise who aspires to architectural heritage conservation, we welcome you into our team!



1. You should have great passion for architectural heritage conservation, which is the premise for doing your job.

2. The education background should be master degree or above, we give priority to talents from overseas.

3. Solid professional skills would be expected. You’d better major in technology which relate to architectural heritage conservation. For example, data acquisition, disease diagnoses, analytical test, material restoration, monitoring, etc.

4. You need to be skilled in office software as well as hardware and software that relate to your own major.

5. We may give priority to people with relevant working experience.



1. Take part in technical research and practice of architectural heritage conservation in our team.

2. Take part in work such as academic communications and talent development.

3. Secondary tasks of scientific research from our team.



1. Competitive payment.

2. The chance of growing in architectural heritage conservation, which is a promising industry.

3. The growth of professional skill in teamwork.


Attention please, because of some objective reasons, we provide you business establishment.

If you are willing to join our team, please send your resume and related certifications to or

Contact: Professor Cao

Contact number: 021-34202749

Address: A306, Mulan Chu Chao Building, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Nr. 800, Dongchuan Road, Minhang district, Shanghai